Volunteering in AuroOrchard- By Chandru

Volunteering in AuroOrchard- By Chandru

Name: Gunachandru Kappuraj
Volunteering at Auro Orchard 

This is the first farm started by The Mother in Auroville. This farm consists of 45 acres of land. Auro Orchard is one of the organic farm in Auroville; it produces organic eggs,vegetables, milk,coconut, cashews etc. The orchard welcome volunteers from various walk of life: Auroville, other states  and also from abroad. 

My experience here: 
Day 1: I met the executives of the farm and introduced myself to them. they welcomes me and took me around the farm to explain the farming methods.
Day 2: I started the say  by weeding the field for the first two hours. Later the other volunteers also joined with me to weed the field and then we discussed about farming methods followed in Europe and here. 
Day 3: Started harvesting ladies finger, pumpkin, cucumber, beans, tapioca, coconut, lemon.
Day 4:  Again we repeated the work of day 3. After finishing it we went to clear the bushes around the hatchery. 
Day 5: Started making bamboo pergolas for the ridge gourd.

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