My best time at the Terra Soul Farm!


Terra Soul: It was part of the Windarra community for more than a decade.  After the partition, Terra Soul was formed and now it is in the hands of Mr. Niel and few others from Auroville. It is a small farm with 7 acres of land with orchards, vegetables and forest. They are concentrating on improving the soil and turn into a complete organic farm. It is the best farm which follows Permaculture I have ever seen. With big welcome from Mr.Niel, I and Rajaganesh started the week at the Terra Soul farm.

Day 1
With full energy after the weekend I started my learning at Terra Soul. My first Job was to chop the full bunch of cow grasses which was later used on the vegetable beds.  Niel taught us the importance of green manures and its energy contents. I did the same work on the day one as we have to keep ready the beds for the monsoon.

Day 2
I was told that today we will do the harvest. But unluckily it was done by a friend in the early morning. So I chose to help the Orchard team to clear the bushes and trim the fruit trees. I enjoyed using those sharp tools to cut the branches and also some cow grasses for later activities. After the tea break I helped Rajaganesh in the compost preparation.

Day 3
This day we shot many questions to Niel as he a Ph.D in plant chemicals. He nicely taught us about the importance of permaculture and various plants in the farm. Later we went around the farm to identify the negatives which disturbs the farm. We learnt about the good insects and Pests which really spoiling his farm produce.

Day 4
It is my tough day at the farm which made me to sweat a lot. I cleared two beds which were fully covered by the bushes. With many insects and mosquito bites I also enjoyed the work with great satisfaction. Later I got promoted to plant papaya trees which usually the elders in the farm does. Also watered the plants!!!!

Day 5

This is again a big day for me as I helped in flooring the bike sheds. A big branch from the tree fell next to the water tank and broke the pipelines. So we dug a big pit and did some Plumbing works. I am really enjoying my work at the Terra soul. Have one more day in the list! 

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