Sensing Feeling Knowing

Dear Friends

Some of you are going to participate in the workshop on Sensing Feeling Knowing by Jinan KB and some of you are interested to know who he is.. and doubts whether it is really useful for us or not... Though I am not going to attend this programme as an active participant, I hope I can get some retreat moment to experience the real world as a passive observer of this event while coordinating this programme....

Like each one of you I also eagar to know who Jinan is.. and found some stuff in the website he reffered and ofcourse from You tube too..

It is you tube video which I hope to play a role of teasar for the upcoming event and would kindle your thought buds to get some idea about him and his session on Sensing Feeling Knowing - a retreat to experience the real world

 If the video doesn't work.. please find below the link


Have a wonderful Learning Experience


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