Musings on the current status of Government institutions

Our recent trip to Dindigul for follow up visit catalyzes me to think about the way our Govt., systems function. While discussing with Government officials one can realize that the challenges they faced at every level of their efforts (though sometimes they have exaggerated the meaninglessness of their profession). Lack of support  from various departments e.g., no support from Forest Department to collect palm leaves for broomstick production which affect the livelihood opportunity of womenfolk who depend on Forest land for their meager income. Invisible political as well as unrealistic target pressure at every level of functions discourages the performers of the field. Frustration, de-motivation, distress are so visible and inevitable among the officials as well as community which ultimately leads to deception.

I just thought that if a system continues like this particularly in the government institutions how come we can expect a desirable social change. There is no system / mechanism in place to encourage proper interaction between different strata. It is explicit that Government structure particularly in Tamil Nadu becomes so inflexible and always works on instructions and orders from higher level officers and for political interferences as well.

Like a snake swallows its tail, the mechanism itself kills its integrity and advancement gradually. There is no sign of hope at any sphere of society to tie the bell to cat in the near future.


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